How much do you trust yourself?

How much do you trust others to navigate you where you’re supposed to go, with very limited information?

I’m here in Rocky Mountain National Park, on what’s called Old Falls Road. It’s a dirt road that’s about 11 miles long that winds through this beautiful mountainous area. But guess what? In the wintertime, it snows considerably, and they have feet upon feet of snow up here. So, before the tourists can come in the summertime and drive up this beautiful road, they have to plow it. Well, guess what? This stick right behind me symbolizes the edge of this road. Could you imagine driving up a plow truck only with these…

Can you see it? Can you see these? Only having these sticks tell you where to go, where to navigate?

Where do you trust yourself when you’re navigating into the unknown? You might only have the top of a little bit of a marker. Is that enough for you to know where to go? Because the more you begin to trust yourself and to follow these little markers… Which by the way, when they first start plowing, they’re not all the way down to the road. They’re all the way up here, and they only have these markers, I don’t know, roughly I’d say every 50 feet or so. Maybe not even that much. Every 100 feet.

So, where do you learn to trust yourself with these navigating markers? Because sometimes you get these little bits of hints, symbolism, a feeling, a gut feeling.

And the question is, do you learn, have you learned to know what they are and to learn to trust those on how to move forward? Because when you learn how to trust yourself, your life will change remarkably.

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