Hello, Lora Polowczuk here with Adventures with Lora.

And I want to share with you today about how to weather the storm and what you can learn from nature and how to adapt when you do this. If you look at the tree just behind me right here, I’m going to move over this way. And one of the things you will notice is that the branches are only growing on one side.

So what’s very interesting is, and you can see right now is that there’s snow behind the tree and I’m probably approaching probably at least 10,000 feet or so, we’re approaching the edge of the tree line. And what happens here is the winds whip in the wintertime. They just whip and whip and whip, and it takes out, it’s very difficult for these trees to grow with all those winter winds grasping it right behind you.

So how does this tree adapt?

The tree adapts to this by growing only on the one side. So let me ask you this. When you have weather in your life, the harsh weather, that cold weather, that whipping wind weather, that’s not fun, that you don’t want to be out. The question is, are you trying to fight it and go against it? Or can you learn to grow in the direction that suits you? Because here’s the thing.

It’s about learning from nature and saying, “You know what? Nature knows the best way to adapt.” And guess what? You can adapt as well. Take care. Bye bye

ENROLL and Adapt To The Chaos