With an ever-changing landscape, endless excitement comes with going anywhere you want, yet simultaneously you can lose yourself in the sea of possibilities. How do you easily and gracefully navigate terrain?

A highly skilled mountain guide will tell you that different obstacles are encountered each time they climb a mountain. Some days it’s beautiful and sunny; other times, it 60mph winds ready to blow you away, a simple storm can reduce visibility to only a few feet, and crevasses (holes in the snowpack) may open at any time.

The goal is to keep moving. The best thing a mountaineer can ever do when it’s cold and stormy is to keep moving, no matter how slow. Each move creates momentum.

As you walk through your own life path, be it a career, a relationship, or community, notice how each step feels to you.

Is your ego getting scared that someone may perceive you wrong?

Is your mind distracting you from the most important task at hand?

Are you so exhausted that having a meaningful conversation seems daunting?

This is an extremely important time to see what flows freely with ease and grace versus where the stumbling blocks keep lining up.

A mountain guide can sense when it’s time to push for the summit in a wicked and wild storm versus when it’s time to head back down the mountain with all their fingers and toes in check without frostbit.

Take a moment and sense what areas of your world bring you joy and what’s draining your energy?

Doing more of what fills your heart isn’t always the easy stuff or vice versa.

Navigating the terrain before you can be clearing the brush, so you have a beautiful view of the mountains or beach. It’s also as easy as letting go of the situations or people that don’t fill you with love or joy.

If you find it hard to know where to start, how do you treat yourself? Once you navigate your own ups and downs with ease and grace, navigating situations and people becomes much more manageable.

Wishing you a joyful, loving, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

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