The current level of uncertainty is beyond what you can control. You wake up every morning now cringing your muscles with what’s next? Your mind races with, can this possibly get any worse? When will life return to some sense of normalcy? Suddenly you’re faced with tasks and decisions you never dreamt of. Society tells you to be prepared and plan for everything. Yet, how could anyone be prepared for this?

The current level of uncertainty is out of control. You love everything to be in control, know exactly when things will happen so you can adjust accordingly.

There’s one missing aspect to all of this.


What fun is a board game if you knew exactly who was going to win?

What fun is tasting a new recipe if it tastes exactly what the old ones taste like?

What fun is a relationship with the same old monotonous discussions and activities?

It’s kind of boring, right?

Why are you surfing the web? You’re bored of the same old things. You’re looking for that excitement again.

A friend recently shared what her kids were up to with all the stay at home orders. Her kids wanted to create a pool. And, this family had no pool. The young kids scoured through the garage and house seeing what they could find.

Turns out the kids found a wheel borrow and took a garden hose and filled it up with water. This little pool was quite small yet entertained the kids all afternoon.

The kids turned this into a game! They figured out how to have fun despite being stuck in the confines of the house.

Fun is about the energy you  bring to an activity. It’s an attitude. It’s even joy.

It’s all about learning to play again. Too often as adults, you lose your fun, playful child self. It’s about getting curious about what sparks your world. Bring the playful kid in you back. Growing up doesn’t mean you leave the fun behind.

What fun activities can you engage in? How can you turn your current circumstances into a fun game? After all, laughter builds your immune system for free.

Wishing you nourishing thoughts, peace of mind, and a calm heart!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer
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