Imagine if the bees did not pollinate,
The Birds did not sing
The frogs did not leap
The dolphins did not play
The spiders did not weave.

Our world would be a different place, right? Suddenly, we miss the fruits from our harvest, the vegetables that delight our taste buds, and the beauty from the colorful flowers suddenly dissipate and disappear.

Each animal plays a unique role in our ecosystem.

At our darkest hour, winter solstice, the bears hibernate, the birds migrated, and spiders produce their antifreeze that keeps them alive during the cold winter. That’s pretty wild. They each have their own way of going deep within to move into the next cycle. Conserving your core energy and understanding your foundation are key.

Harness the deep gifts within by turning your wounds into wisdom. We all have some deep battle scars from the past couple of years. What wisdom has come forth? Each wisdom seed within reveals critical pieces of valuable information and guidance.

As each prior experience unfolded, notice where deep power resides and what was not expressed at that time. Deep wisdom comes forth on the darkest of days.

The holidays become a testament to our self-expression. With friends, loved ones, and with yourself, are you showing up powerful or hiding?

As days become lighter, recognize each person serves their own role in how the world works and interacts. What light is ready to come forth more brightly from you?

This is power. These are the seeds. This wisdom becomes the seed for new beginnings. New transformations. New ways and new words showcase the best of who you are. Seeds transform into their own unique expression. Each flower blooms slightly differently.

Too often, we become accustomed to the cycle we are in. We’re comfortable. You know exactly what will happen and when. The comfort becomes stagnant and eventually stuck.

A seed may say, I’m not ready to become a giant oak tree. Yet, true power comes in knowing what you are capable of.

If you’re feeling that life, career, and relationships are off, what power within you is staying dormant? Are you stuck in one aspect of a cycle? Unwilling to grow again?

When the birds sing, bees pollinate, dolphin splay, spiders weave, and frogs leap, they express their special wisdom to the highest. They bring harmony to the overall ecosystem in which we live and play.

When you’re fully radiating your light and highest expression, your unique roles bring harmony to the overall ecosystem.

When the seed is expressed fully with love, a sense of peace and harmony exists within you. What are you ready for?

A spectrum exists from playing full out to hiding. Give yourself a number. Where do you rate yourself? Where can you bring that up at least 2 notches?

Let’s play full out.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

© 2022. Lora Polowczuk. All Rights Reserved.