It’s truly amazing what happens when we take the time to observe our surroundings. My short 45 minute run opened up my eyes to 5 valuable life lessons.

I pulled into the parking lot and threw on my running shoes. As I was shutting the door, I heard an excruciating horrible sound. I looked around and found a guy who opened up the driver’s side door, leaned over and hurled puke onto the pavement. Yuck. Is the guy sick? Does he need help? He was drunk. Ughh. I recognized that’s the type person who I never want to be.

Stillness moment #1: Know who you don’t want to be. Recognize you have a choice in how you handle life when things don’t go as planned.

As I began my run, the array of green, yellow, and brown grasses stood tall from the summer rains. As I looked out, a bright purple flower stood out.

Stillness moment #2: Don’t be afraid to stick out. Be who you are and stand radiant in the light and shine brightly.

As I continued running down the path, dodging ducks and listening to the soft sounds of a creek and calm stillness on the pond, I saw an older couple holding hands and walking along the path. It warmed my heart to watch a couple in their 80s show affection and enjoy each other’s company. I stopped and told the couple how much I admired them for being a symbol of love through decades of being together. All 3 of us teared up.

Stillness moment #3: Tell others how they positively affect the world. Most people have no clue how they are showing up in the world and what that impact is. When others are told this it lightens up who they are and they show up even more.

Further down the path, a tall lady, whispered to be quiet. Our eyes locked and she drew my attention and pointed my eyes to the distant field. She pointed over to the right. In the distance there was a mother deer and her 4 small fawns. The deer were out searching and eating food in the field.

Stillness moment #4: How are we supporting those around us? The mother deer was supporting her young fawns showing them the way. How are you being a guiding light to others?

As I looked down at my watch, I realized that even with a couple pit stops, I shaved over 15 minutes off the distance I ran. In the past 3 months, I committed to a different exercise routine and the results paid off.

Stillness moment #5: Celebrate the successes of your hard work. Recognize that success takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight.

If you go for a walk outside, where can you get still and gain life perspective?

Wishing you an abundant, prosperous and joyful day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer
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