Home is not your country. It’s not your community. It’s not even your actual residence. So where is it?  

One Saturday afternoon, several years ago, I drove two hours to support a friend who had a celebration of life ceremony for her mother. Our group of friends jumped in a car and headed north for the ceremony at 1pm. Along remote back country roads lined with large oak trees, we stopped in a little diner to grab a quick bite to eat. Walking down the hallway of this 1960s diner, curiosity struck as to the memories and deep conversations that likely took place across the table tops over the decades. With a full belly, and ready for the rest of the journey, I strolled down the long hallway with wood paneling and artistic country flair to the restroom. As I closed the old crocket door with a lock that was fixed entirely too many times, I noticed a framed quote.   

“Home is where the heart is.”  

Time stood still, as I pondered this quote. Here I am at a diner, in the middle of nowhere in a part of the country I had never been before yet I feel completely at peace ready to shower love and strength upon my friend who recently lost her mother.  

Your heart goes where ever you do. The question is, “Do you express it?”  

When birds migrate south for the winter, do they suddenly forget how to be a bird and sing their beautiful melody and fly? Certainty not! 

Then when you encounter disappointment or defeat in your own life, how does your heart respond? Do you let it affect every aspect of your life, career, relationships? Or do you learn from it?  

When you continually reside in your heart space, the home of the brave, your life flourishes. We experience peace when we let go of the guilt or shame around disappointment and express ourselves from the deepest riches part of us.   

Our hearts navigate us through uncertain times, unprecedented situations. Our heart knows without the reasoning and scientific rigor. It’s the higher love vibration that releases our perceived limitations and brings forward freedom to express our truest and highest self. This removes the agony and judgement of the story we tell ourselves. This is true liberation!   

This is the home of the brave. The energetic freedom of expression liberates our minds from doubt and worry and inspires our heart in new and profound ways. 

When passion meets compassion, it’s the ultimate expression of our heart’s desire. From this point forward, you are liberated from subconscious thoughts and live from your highest expression of your soul. This is bravery wrapped in a warm, snuggly blanket on a cool rainy day.  

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day! 

Lora Polowczuk  

Chief Energy Officer  


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