An intense rapid transition occurs at this time of year. From the quick loss of sunlight to birds’ matting calls increasing. This warp zone effect forces us to look boldly at what’s truly going on.

In Mexico, this provisional time sheds a different perspective on transition. Unlike zombies and haunted houses here, this weeklong celebration called Day of the Dead honors the deceased. The wisdom from our ancestors is untapped knowledge. From here great insights, rise.

The past couple of years shook our core like a tornado and spit us out somewhere over there. We’ve been faced with taking a really hard look at who we are and where we want to go. Our identities disintegrated.

This intense introspection reveals the masks we’ve been wearing. Hiding behind your high-achiever resume. Hiding the pain from an abusive relationship or marriage has gone wrong. Hiding from the abandonment of your childhood or other relationships. Hiding from another job that wasn’t a good fit.

Orr demons that we threw down in the basement and kept locked up are coming up the stairs again in a creepy way. Yet, now you’re different.

This time our demons don’t have to haunt us anymore. When we shed our true light on our shadows, it only reveals we were hurt in some way. This perceived pain whether it’s emotional, physical, mental or guides us into the future. Once understood, this pain is healed, and transmuted into a greater purpose. This new revelation becomes wisdom for future endeavors. Instead of holding you back, it propels you forward.

As the masks of pain are removed, accept and allow this higher wisdom to guide new fresh approaches to life. Allow the death of the pain and the rebirth into a new stronger you.

Asses the last six months, and honor this newfound wisdom. This sacred gateway allows death and rebirth for new decision-making that brings peace and love instead of worry and anxiety. As you choose wisely, your vibration rises and you thrust yourself into a whole new world.

Remove your masks and reveal the hidden brilliance and wisdom underneath. It’s ready to shine brightly. And, remember your ancestors carried on their wisdom to you too. Go within and tap into their insights, too. More hidden truths will be revealed.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

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