Whether its thick smoke from a nearby forest fire or the haze from a hot and humid day, it’s clear you can’t see very far. Somewhere over yonder is land. Yet, all the visible landmarks for navigation are missing. Heck, you might even get disoriented as you can’t see the horizon to know what’s up down or sideways. You might wonder, how can I get anywhere if I can’t see?  

Too often in life, you only trust what you can see.  

Except, it’s the power to believe before we see that makes life work in mysterious and miraculous ways.  

If you’re out sailing in this mucky hazy mess, the first thing is to rely upon your navigation tools.  

Set the compass. Know the direction you’re pointing the boat. Read the water chart depths.   

Due to the curvature of the earth, a sailor can only see 15 miles out even on a clear day. Often, they are sailing to destinations in open waters with no landmarks anyways. They trust their instruments.  

But even before a sailor begins their journey, they calibrate their instruments.    

The same applies to you!  

Your body and senses are the biggest calibration tool you have. Yet, few of you actively engage them daily, let alone on a moment-to-moment basis.   

Ever feel a knot in your stomach because you’re nervous or had a horrible conversation?  

Ever get super tight shoulders because you are overwhelmed and feel you are carrying too much weight?  

Ever feel absolutely ecstatic after a fun outing with friends or family?  

Ever feel completely relaxed after a good laugh?  

Or, perhaps you get goosebumps up and down your arms when someone else says something that you completely agree or relate to?  

These are the body’s cues. Your body serves as a navigation system for you.  

Do you pay attention or do you ignore them?  

Life delivers clues in every moment yet it’s up to you to be aware of them. It’s time to utilize your body and senses as a navigation tool.   

Notice this week.  

How do you feel when you’re happy?  

What this week will bring you joy?   

Make some time to go play. Bring about your inner child sense of wonderment. What makes you giggle like a little kid being silly? As adults we get super serious and our whole-body tenses up making it extremely difficult to navigate and make decisions.   

It’s time to pause and release that stress. A little bit of fun makes your life a delightful and enjoyable adventure.  

As you sail through life, let your body and senses navigate you to fun and joyful pursuits.  

Amongst the haze that clouds your eyes, you still have the power to direct and control where your life goes.  

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!  

Lora Polowczuk  

Chief Energy Officer  


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