As the depths of darkness set in for winter, the nutrients pull into the core of each plant and animal recalibrating its own inner strength. With each passing year, new wisdom arises for its development for the next cycle.

Have you ever placed your hand on a fifty-year-old tree?

The tree bestows wisdom far beyond our own comprehension.

Imagine a huge pine tree. Close your eyes. Place your hand on its trunk. Breathe. What can it tell you?

Each year the roots get inspected. Any tree roots that may be infested with fungi dissolve back into the Earth. This is how nature recycles its own energy. The tree does not scream, fight, resist or spew outrage and anger at the fungi. It simply lets the old root that no longer serves the tree go. It’s a simple release without complex conversations. It’s a choice that new growth is worth more than the rotting root covered in fungi. This new growth leads to stronger deeper roots in what matters most moving forward.

The tree’s internal core notes what allowed the fungi to attach in the first place and creates a mechanism to produce more of an enzyme in the next growth cycle. Each year new wisdom is captured and integrated into the tree.

Yet, what do humans do? They love to hold on to the yuck. We complain about it. We resist the beauty and love that’s offered. We tell the fungi how much they are a deplorable species. It’s time for humans to be more like a tree.

Let this time be different. When we harness the lessons learned from situations, relationships, and even how we talk to ourselves new wisdom emerges. This shift in perspectives creates a spark for the inner strength to come forth and grow brighter the way a campfire shines brightly in the dark of night. When we set this into motion, integrations of past pain and even joy create new daily choices. Our inner fire grows stronger and stronger.

What can we learn from trees? Each season and cycle contain seeds of wisdom. What wisdom was bestowed on you during the last harvest?

As we begin this season of thankfulness, it’s about being grateful for the painful situations that taught us something about ourselves and also for the celebrations of amazingness that were given to us.

With an attitude of gratitude, we harness our wisdom and find our inner strength.

The more grateful we are, the more we can tap into our own inner power and create from an open space what’s possible. Expansive new beginnings are ready to emerge.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

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