Ever feel that no matter what you do its never enough?  

David always believed hard work was a must. He took his business personally. David controlled how people did their jobs, leaving many frightened and always asking him questions how to do this or that. David became the number one problem solver in the company. Problems piled up daily giving him the satisfaction of solving.   

This left David feeling tired and exhausted. He grinded until the wee hours of the night only to sacrifice time with his kids and wife in the process.   

After almost two decades, David’s wife gave him an ultimatum, shape up or I’m leaving. She had enough! She wondered where the man was that she married. David felt slapped in the face for all his hard work, so he decided to change things up.  

David started coming home earlier at 7pm. Yes, that was early for him. Yet, he realized his family ate dinner at 5pm and his wife typically fell asleep on the couch watching a movie by 7pm. His kids now teenagers were in their rooms with the door shut doing homework or talking with friends.  

David threw up his arms. What’s the point of coming home earlier if there’s no one to spend time with?  

While anxious and unnerved, David decided to take his family on vacation, something they hadn’t done in almost 5 years. David was unsure about leaving the business behind. Could he trust his employees to solve the problems on their own? Can they take care of the customers in the same manner he did?   

When David came back, only a couple minor issues were revealed. His employees said, “it was much easier when you weren’t around bossing us what to do.”  The employees could problem solve on their own without him looking over their shoulder.  

When ever David talked about what was important, his family always came up first yet if you saw his actions, that was not the case.  

Someone once said, all the actions in the world do not matter if the actions do not match your personal values.   

As David began putting his family first, his business grew by leaps and bounds, with more customers and profit than he knew what to do.  

When your core values match your actions, work becomes effortless. This is personal integrity at its best.  

Where can you align with your personal integrity?   

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!  

Lora Polowczuk 

Chief Energy Officer 


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