Most people want to believe they are in a high state of integrity.

Tony’s eyes are heavy and his body feels swollen from the junk food he’s consumed all day to keep his energy up. While extremely tired, he starts creating a high-dollar customer proposal at 4:00pm. This was his first opportunity to begin actual work after his meetings were complete.

Ever feel you don’t have time to get the actual work done?

Tony jokingly laughed in his head. Why do I always work on my highest deliverables at the end of the day when I’m not fresh.

He was committed to completing the proposal. He called up his friends and said, he’d miss the pizza and beer guys football night. Secretly, he wanted to hang out with the guys and enjoy some laughs.

Finally, at 9:00pm, he hit the send key and went home. Tony fell asleep on his couch in his suit with a microwave dinner half eaten on the coffee table.

Upon waking the next morning, he checked his email eagerly waiting for a response for the proposal. There it was. He quickly opened the email excited with glee. It read: Thank you Tony for this detailed and well-thought out proposal. One thing we really convey in our culture is that late hours and proposals filled with typos and errors is not how our company functions. While the proposal as a whole looks great, we cannot work with a partner who expects this of us. Thank you for your time.

Tony felt as if a dagger went through his heart.

He sat at his kitchen table struck from the response. He was speechless. After a deep sigh, he said. I’m in integrity with my work yet not any other aspect of my life. This has got to stop.

What are you truly committed to? The busyness? The paycheck?

Will you be in integrity with your highest good? In integrity with your highest potential?

It is time for self-reflection on what integrity in all aspects of your life really means.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer
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