Imagine if one day the birds stopped singing. The harmonic choral chirping that tickles your skin ceased to exist. The forest suddenly fell flat missing its presence that delighted the day. What if this joy of singing got lost in the daily grind? Yet, what if there is a simple way to bring back this simplicity?  

The constant ups and downs, facing uncertainty at every corner made the past couple years rough.  Yet one thing slices through these aches and pains with ease. Its so simple, its baffling.  

Kit DesLauriers, the first women to summit and descend by skiing the seven highest peaks on every continent, gave one simple take away. As she signed an infamous picture skiing down the extremely steep slope of Mt. Everest, she wrote, “Do what makes your heart sing.”  

It’s that simple.  

It comes down to one word.  


What makes you come alive from the inside out?  

Somehow the past few years you were so focused on survival that you forgot to live. You forgot the very aspect that brings a smile to your face, your toes tingle with glee, and your eyes sparkle from across a room.   

When the fire reignites in your heart, you become unstoppable. Momentum comes with ease. Each step and action become automatic because your heart knows deep inside what to do and how to do it.   

Want to make your life easier? Bring the passion back. This is what makes you come alive inside and rise above the craziness of the world’s events.   

Whatever your passion is, make a commitment to do this on a regular basis.  




Play with kids. 









Cook a new recipe.  

Blow bubbles.  

Frolic in the grass.  

Whatever it is, go do it!!  

When you lose track of time and feel full of energy, you are in the flow of your passion. This adventurous, light hearted side is what makes life easier, more joyful, and most of all brings the fun back. Bring out your inner kid.  

Passion wrapped in play ignites your adventurous creative spirit. This makes you thrive beyond your wildest dreams.   

What passion will you commit to this week?   

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!  

Lora Polowczuk  

Chief Energy Officer  


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