Are you happy with the fruits of your labor?

As our summer harvest comes into play, take a hard look at our fruit trees. With great curiosity, we look at the fruit attempting to see if it’s ripe to be picked. We feel it. Gently caressing the fruit to feel if it’s hard or turning slightly soft. We look intently at the color for brightness and change. We notice how much of the tree’s fruits look the same.

Too often in life and with great perfection, we plant one fruit tree and think it will bear absolutely perfect fruit the first time. Yet, with any process, we must cultivate our fruits many times over. That is how a decades-old farmer knows when to harvest their fruit and crop.

Where in life have you done something a few times and thrown in the towel that it will never work out? How long have you held that pain inside, creating the weight of a thousand tons on your shoulders?

It’s easy to never want to attempt something again because the first time it didn’t work out.

It’s time for something new, something different. What if you truly can bear the most delicious, scrumptious fruit you have ever allowed your senses to delight in? Your skin tickles as your taste buds light up. Your gaze softens as your fruit soothes your soul. Your heart ignites a fiery passion for the excitement of life again. The fruit is simply different this go around. How rich can this fruit be to every aspect of your mind, body, and soul?

It’s time to dream big. Infinite possibilities exist. How amazing can this fruit become?

The most important fruit to bear is your relationships.

Is this relationship to yourself? To finances? To your career? A romantic endeavor?

Too many of you have stopped altogether. When this happens you go to reap your fruit and realize it’s rotten on the inside. The fruit was always coming back with new opportunities every season, yet you failed to take notice and see what was in your surroundings.

Setting the stage for the next harvest, what amazing fruit can you call in and bring forward?

It’s time for a reset.

Let go of past failures and start with a fresh slate.

What’s your commitment to seeing the fruit of your labor bear the most scrumptious, tasty fruit?

It’s time for a renewal of what’s possible. We can always begin again with a fresh mind, a new attitude, and a new belief in ourselves.

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