Ever in that place where you’re ready to take action yet the direction where to go seems daunting?   

Deep in the thick, dreary haze, a slight vertigo sets in. With the horizon barely visible and the sun tucked neatly behind the clouds, the fog wraps itself around you as if it’s a warm blanket on a cool evening. Yet, it’s morning and you’re ready to start the day. The fog density is so strong that you taste the moisture on your skin. Today is the day and now look at this. The frustration sets in as flickers of anger boil up your spine.   

You’re here. You’re ready. All you want to do is move forward in a solid direction. With impenetrable vision, you wonder what to do. The path is unclear.    

Realizing frustration only blocks what you truly desire, you begin thinking about other ways to navigate.

A giant green field of grass lies on the other corner of where you’re standing. You gently lie down.   

There’s power in the pause.    

Closing your eyes, and placing your hand on your heart.    

What true desires do you want?   

What makes you come alive and tickle every cell in your body?   

What type of people do you want to engage with?    

Bit by bit, a clear image arises within your mind. Connecting to the deepest aspects of spirit, never even wondering where your phone is, you get lost imagining the best of what life can be. You begin to giggle and laugh at how this amazing new life feels inside. You’re alive again. You’re flourishing again.   

As time passed by unknowingly, you open your eyes wondering if that was minutes or hours. As your eyes adjust, you recognize the fog dissipated and the sun is twinkling its rays upon your skin. You smile at how easy that really was. Curious, why do we always make it so difficult?   

The path is now clear.   

How simple are rest and reflection? Power in pause.   

Tapping into our innate gifts guides us as we navigate and sense what’s truly around us. Our desires break through the barriers and fog. The clarity of what you want is always within you. Pause so you can access it.    


© 2023. Lora Polowczuk. All Rights Reserved.