It’s the new year, full steam ahead and it’s out of focus. The desired focus seems daunting as it’s not quite crystal clear yet. In each moment, there is confirmation of what feels amazing. Yet, the complete uncertainty for your normal step-by-step approach is lagging.

Life resembles whitewater rafting. When embarking on a new river, you have a general idea of where you are headed to. Ask a river guide if the river is ever the same and the answer is no. Variables changes. Weather changes. People in the raft change. People’s abilities to paddle differ vastly. Heck, some people freak out when a big rapid comes and forget to paddle altogether.

It’s almost daunting, all the variables you want to control. It’s that inevitable craving for certainty that persists yet the excitement for something new brings rich enthusiasm that oozes out of every pore with a delicious sweetness.

On a rafting trip with half new members and half old school folks in the heart of West Virginia, a new dynamic arose. Plus, a big storm the days prior added more variables to contend with. When few campers added minimal periods of sleep, the idea of trust in the team with wonky energy levels came to the fore front.

The first major rapid of the day was HUGE! Half the size of the raft. As we paddled, the raft hit the rapid so hard that we almost flipped backward. Adam remembers paddling into the air before the raft landed back on the water’s edge. Of course, there was a photographer, stationed conveniently on the ground to capture emotions in a split second. Afterward, the picture clearly showed who stopped paddling, who was paddling, and who tucked their head down in utter fear. The revelation of what occurred was surreal.

Often in life, we’re thrown into the raft, in this river of life with a few missing or wildly dynamic variables. This is where going within really gives the certainty you’re desperately looking for. What makes you frustrated? What makes you doubt yourself? What causes you to play small or not share your deeper truths?

When you identify how you operate, working with others to paddle downriver becomes easier and easier.

As you set out on the next set of rapids, take a 360-degree around. What can be improved from last time? What does this water and rapids look like ahead? Where do expectations of others come from a lack of trust in yourself?

As you continue down this river of life, what’s before your eyes may alter with a new attitude. Perhaps, you’ll enjoy the recovery to bring the raft ashore and jump off a cliff into the calm waters before the next big paddle of rapids. What if you felt sense takes you into the next set of rapids with ease in knowing that you have all that you need right now?

The river becomes our path of life, unfolding in each and every moment and bringing new opportunities to feel the fullness, richness, and sweetness life offers.

Suddenly, you operate from a whole different and higher perspective.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

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