As seeds in your summer garden grow, the weather, warm, cool, dry or wet play into the cycle of growth. Preparations occurred to the best of your knowledge taking into account what vegetables to plant next to each other and what nutrients were required. Yet, one variable is out of your control. Mother Nature’s fury can catapult or halt the growth cycle in its tracks. And, last time I checked. You can’t control Mother Nature.  

Or, perhaps it’s a little pesty bug creeping all over or eating your bundle of goodness delights.   

Yet, the excitement of your garden continues to delight and pique your curiosity. What makes the tomatoes falter and the cucumbers flourish?   

In your delightful garden that you worked so hard to build and create, the cycle of growth is different than anticipated. Letting go of the expected harvest is difficult. You were excited about canning all those tomatoes into spaghetti sauce for the winter.    

There is constant adjustment, more water this week, less water next week. Slowly, you begin to anticipate and feel the pulse of your garden. Without even sticking your finger into the dirt to feel moisture, you sense the plants asking for more water. Suddenly, you know what to do without seeing the exact signs physically.   

As you feel into your deepest dreams that were planted this spring, what dreams are ready to be recycled out and let go? What’s ready for a new set of nourishment to flourish? Perhaps your tomatoes only need a few stakes to intertwine and grow upwards and you never thought of that before. Or, maybe the tomatoes under too much of a scorching sun are ready to be removed to allow growth of other vegetables that are flourishing.  

This week, look at the rhythms and cycles of your own life. What makes you excited, focused, full of vitality? What’s sucking the life right out of you the way gravity pulls water down a drain?  

Most of all, if all aspects of your life were running smoothly, what would life taste like?   

A refreshing watermelon? Some hardy barbeque? A sweet peach? A refreshing cucumber? Pause here. Take a deep belly breathe. Close your eyes and truly feel into what life would taste like.    

At this key pivot point in the year, gently assess without beating yourself up, what new cycle is birthing forward?  

Uproot and release old patterns and forge a new visionary path forward that enchants and nourishes your soul. Be unattached to how it happens and let the universe surprise you in a miraculous way.  

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day! 

Lora Polowczuk  

Chief Energy Officer  


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