Imagine if a rose doubted its beauty. The rose bush would eventually be swallowed up by weeds.

What if the cloud was too insecure to release the rain? The land would become barren and cracks will appear in the dirt. Signs of life would erode away.

What if the baby pelican was too afraid to fly? It could never soar across the sky and dive vertically fast deep into the water for its food.

Nature has no time for insecurities. Humans would not exist if we had no rain to grow food, and the beauty of flowers to delight our eyes and tickle our noses.

What makes us hold back? Play small? Doubt our own abilities?

Too often our fear of others’ perceptions gets to us. It can even be our very own fear of success. Yes, you read that right! Sometimes underlying currents within you, the same way electricity runs underground yet you have lights in your home, showcase that you can’t handle anymore. You’re afraid of more that goes right because you’re unsure if you can handle it.

Breathe. Breathe again.

Who’s missing out when you don’t share your thoughts? Perhaps your colleague also has the same brilliant idea and would love to collaborate with you. Or a kid that needs a role model to showcase speaking up when they see something inappropriate.

When we expand our expression, the most amazing unpredictable moments occur. We connect authentically to ourselves and others. We develop unforeseen relationships because we share a hidden, fun, silly fact that connects you instantly and gels together. That goofy laugh from an odd joke breaks the tension in the room and will be remembered forever.

What can you be thankful for this week? How can you expand making those amazing moments even bigger and brighter? When we start focusing on what we appreciate, eyes to see, ears to hear, food to eat, moments of bliss and amazement come our way. Suddenly, we can’t wait for more unexpected fun surprises that bring joy to our hearts.

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