Do you ever find that feeling doing something for the first time just feels awkward and funny and odd, and you just really kind of don’t know what to do because the first time you do something for the first time, it feels weird?

Think of it this way. The first time the snow, which is right up there, came down this hill, it probably flowed all over the place, but over time, and with practice, the water found exactly where it was in the mountain that it needed to go to flow downwards. So, in the long run, the key is this, the more you practice, the more you get in the groove. As you can tell, the groove that has been painted as the snow melts and comes down this beautiful mountainside has created this beautiful waterfall.

Here’s the thing. It shows that you get your groove on once you get your practice behind you. So let me ask you this. What can you start being consistent about in practicing to get your groove on, to feel the groove that you want to feel in your life right now? All the best.

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