Every year, we plant new seeds. These come in the form of new ideas, dreams, partnerships or even something new on your bucket list. Ask yourself this: Are you planting seeds of positivity and growth or despair and stagnation?

As each day grows, what you nourish this seed with is important. Showering seeds with positivity and fresh action steps forward will enhance the opportunity for growth and turning those brilliant ideas into reality. Or, are doing vice versa?

Yet, as they grow, turbulent storms will knock your freshly, gentle stems from side to side. Continuing through the “messy middle” and the sheer patience to keep going gives you further strength and fortitude. The classic saying goes, get knocked down 7 times and get back up 8 times.

These beautiful yellow Iris flowers were planted three years ago in spring. The following spring only leaves grew. The next year, the flower buds were hit with baseball sized hail. Attempting to rebloom in the fall, they were hit with an early frost. After 3 years, these beautiful flowers opened up to the bright full summer sun this weekend.

To flourish against the odds takes patience and persistence. Our dreams don’t turn into reality overnight. Yet, if we keep going forward, we will win in the long run. After all, Thomas Edison failed over 1000 times before he created the first light bulb.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk

Chief Energy Officer

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