Do you go after your dreams?

The fore fathers of the United States fought for their dreams to gain independence in a new world. Our dreams may appear to be far away in a distant land. And, while the journey to get there may be difficult it will be worth all the sacrifice. Do you have the drive to go for your dreams?

It takes courage to take each step into the unknown. Imagine how our fore fathers traveled across a vast ocean unknown what they would find on the other side. The taste of the ocean water splashing on the deck of the ship. The awe of excitement when they discovered new land. The breathe of fresh air stepping onto a new terrain. Their heart races with anticipation of what they will find next.  The strength they find within to push past the obstacles they face. Then to, finally, take in the joy of gaining their new found independence. It was a long difficult journey with curves, obstacles, and enthusiasm.

What do you dream about that makes your heart race faster?

Do you desire thriving relationships?

Do you crave work projects that spark your mind?

Do you engage in hobbies that get your creative juices flowing?

What makes you come alive inside so much that obstacles only appear as pebbles not boulders? It’s the excitement for our future that allows us to forge our own courageous path and not allow obstacles to get in the way.

Want to start your own courageous path? Join me for a strategy session and let’s jump start your dreams.

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer
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