You, sand, and the story in between.

When you walk along a beach, the sand gently tingles your feet. The fresh and usually humid air restores texture to the inside of your lungs. Your heart slows down brining a gentle calmness even though your legs are moving. The gentle waves wash the sand off your feet and cool them from the bright sun.  

Once you arrived refreshed at your beach towel or beach chair, you start noticing where sand is suddenly where it doesn’t belong. Somehow one little grain of sand irritates you beyond belief.   

Where is this little sand grain? Why can’t I get it from unsticking to my skin? This little grain of sand starts annoying you the entire rest of the day while you’re attempting to relax and read a book and listen to ocean waves.  

This tiny grain of sand starts stealing the precious moments of relaxation away from you. You start thinking to yourself, why am I spending so much time thinking about this grain of sand? Then, you think further. I’ll just avoid the idea all together.  

Sand brings the opportunity to symbolize beauty and relaxation yet when in unwanted places, it’s a major irritant.  

While minor in size this irritant begins stealing precious moments of joy and energy from your day. Over time, stolen seconds turn into hours, days and even decades. 

Rumi sated, “If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?”  

Joanne once mentioned that her husband of twenty years did something daily that annoyed her. She never discussed this over two decades. After some coaching, she agreed to never let this bother her again, or discuss it. Grudgingly she brought this up to her husband, who laughing joked that had he known he would have stopped the behavior years ago. Joanne realized how much time and energy this behavior consumed of her life. She felt free again.  

From this point, Joanne had the confidence to handle other irritants in her life.   

What harsh truths in your life have you been avoiding?  

Most people are feeling the volatility due to aspects of their own life, career, and relationships that have been left unaddressed yet irritated them consistently.  

Sand is created through harsh conditions that forces rock to decompose over time and disperse. What daily irritant must break down and transform to breakthrough to a new future?  

Stop tolerating life and begin loving your daily life again. Face fears that you’ve been avoiding and begin practices that bring more joy into daily living. These irritants when faced turn you into beautiful polished rock revealed by the beauty it brings to all in its presence.  

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day! 

Lora Polowczuk 

Chief Energy Officer 


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