Jack and Jill excited for a long vacation, away from cell phones, emails, and technology escaped to Patagonia. After fourteen hours of flying, they were on their last connecting flight to the tip of S. America in Chile. On their descent, Jill suddenly grabbed Jack’s arm squeezing it so hard she left a mark on his skin. The plane churned from side to side like a washing machine. Wobbling and jerking them around, Jill’s stomach almost erupted. Scared to let go of the other arm rest, she wondered how to reach for the barf bag in the front pocket. Jill strapped her seat belt tighter.  

As they approached the runway, Jill, a seasoned traveler had never been so terrified for hitting the tarmac. The plane continued to sway all around. One tire hit the runway then bounced to the other side, then back to the other side, and finally came down onto both tires while the plane slowed to a snail’s pace. Jill looked at Jack, happily to keep her lunch inside her stomach, and stated, “That’s the worst landing I’ve experienced in fifteen years of traveling!” Jack, a large stature man, attempting to keep his cool, acknowledged in a deep tone, “That’s was a bit rough.” Attempting to soothe Jill.  

As they departed the plane, Jill wanted to yell at the pilot, yet politely kept her cool and smiled while exiting the plane.  

As they gathered their bags and went through customs, they kept hearing a whistling sound yet couldn’t place what it was or where it was coming from. The doors opened to the outside of the airport and the wind whips their faces as debris goes flying by.  

Jill jokingly laughs to herself. With 50 mph winds, the pilot performed a stellar job steading the plane to land. She felt embarrassed to make false claims on the pilot’s ability to fly not realizing the turbulent winds the pilot was dealing with. Jill said to Jack, “The pilot performed a kick-butt job getting us in safely.” Jack laughed looking at the bruise starting to form on his arm from Jill’s tight grip. ‘That false accusation left a mark.”   

Where in your life have you jumped to conclusions without knowing all the details?    

After a good night’s rest, they walked through the small town of Puerto Arenas the heavenly gateway into Chile’s famous Torres del Paine National Park. A pleasant day to relax and stretch their legs from a long day of flying. By night’s end, they were eager to start their hike into the National Park.   

Enthusiastic to hit the mountain trails, their hiking guide said our weather changes frequently. Be prepared for anything.   

Beginning at dawn, the hike began with cool temperatures. As the sun shined brightly, Jill began taking a layer off every 30 minutes. Soon, she was so hot that she was hiking in her sports bra to keep from overheating. The temperatures were approaching 80 degrees and with body heat she could barely keep her body cool. Then, out of nowhere, the awe-striking beauty of jagged peaks were before her eyes. The trail ended. Jack and Jill marveled in the vast beauty and wilderness they hiked through.  The raw and untouched peaks basked in the sun while clouds swept in like a quick blanket. Their bodies cooled off quickly and Jill quickly found her self layering up again.   

As they descended down the trail, snowflakes burst from the clouds. Jill thought, wow. Hot sun to snowflakes. She reached out tasted the snowflakes to soothe her still overly hot body. As they descended, they started getting pelted in the head with sleet and hail. Oye, that’s not fun. Suddenly, her body was getting cold from the sweat that hadn’t evaporated.  

Upon arrival back at camp, the sun re-emerged for a refreshing cool drink and nourishing food for tired legs. Jack and Jill marveled at their 72 hours. 50 mph winds to 80 degree heat to snow and hail and sun again. Its easy to experience four season all in one day.  

Over the past few years, mother nature and the world rocked us from side to side. Each time it’s up to us to find our calm and center again.  

Where in your life are you swayed too far to one side? It’s easy to get thrown 180 degrees to the other side yet it’s how we come to a neutral balance that’s key. This is where harmony lies.  

Find your harmonic set point where nothing will sway you from side to side. From here, expansion and expression become easy as you are no longer fighting the wind currents around you.    

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day! 

Lora Polowczuk 

Chief Energy Officer 


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