It’s time to get back into harmony.

As you leave the darkness of winter, the upcoming equinox offers the perfect time to reflect on the last 12 months. The equinox of equal dark and light describes what to assess.

Imagine a pine tree at a high altitude up in the mountains. The tree gets battered with high winds, grueling cold temperatures, and even feet of snow. The pine tree conserves its energy with little nourishment to grow during the darkness of winter. What would happen if a pine tree attempted to grow when its -30 degrees outside with 70mph winds?

It wouldn’t, right?

This winter, where have you been forcing situations to happen? Nature can’t be pushed, and neither can you. It’s the equivalent of telling someone to do something. There’s almost an immediate no in that the other person has no control over anything, no matter the request.

When you force something, it begets exhaustion, fatigue, and even overwhelming.

As the sun starts making longer appearances, the pine tree feels a sense of renewal. It’s warmer. The snow turns into water for nourishment. The coarse ice dissolves off its branches and gives way for new buds to sprout.

What is your life, career, or relationships is ready for nourishment? The sun gives the necessary photons to stimulate the chlorophyll deep with the pine tree to nourish itself. The roots draw up moisture from the now thawed ground.

With every spring, it’s about removing the weeds, dead growth, and what no longer serves you? It’s the perfect time to plant new seeds or allow new dreams more attention.

A dream cannot grow unless it’s properly nourished. Where can you bring focused intention and attention to something that makes your soul sing?

Where in your life can you bring the elements of harmony back? That’s what the equinox is all about.

Pine trees up high in Rocky Mountain National Park grow uniquely to its high alpine environment. Those trees only grow branches in one direction. The direction the wind is not battering them down.

The winter gave you time to go deep within. You conserve your energy. Little nourishment is available to grow and foster.

The dark allows us to lick our wounds and turn them into pillars of strength and inspiration in the spring. Let this forward fuel momentum.

Wishing you a joyful, loving, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

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