I often see clients who are afraid to take that big step forward. They want to know exactly what is going to happen. They are stuck in paralysis because they want to analyze the situation until they figure out every possible scenario that may happen. They are afraid, they may fail. They think if this fails, I’m a failure. This is not true! If the action failed, it doesn’t mean you are a failure. Instead this courageous movement means you took brave action to change course.

I’ll share how this has played out in my life. The past two weeks, I’ve been bold – creating and crafting – thinking big. Yet, I had two setbacks. The first, I accidently sent 6 emails simultaneously instead of 1 email to folks who heard me speak. Talk about embarrassing! The second, I submitted for a coveted TEDx talk. Hitting that send button was a huge step for me. I was soooo excited only to learn I didn’t get selected.  

Here’s what I gained and learned in the process. The more I go for those big, scary steps, the more courageous I get, the more willing I am to take the step into what’s possible. I figured out how to make my systems work. And, the talk allowed me to craft language that was rattling in my head and put it into a cohesive, readable text. In the end, I didn’t fail. I learned and grew.

Where can you learn from past experiences?

What courageous leap will you take this week?

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Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer
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