Are you afraid to lay it all out on the table? Exposing every inch you may not want to share. Are you scared to be vulnerable? Here’s a short story to think about how you give your power away to others:

Yesterday, I was craving some deep stretching. My hips were tight and my shoulder barely engaged. I threw on some workout clothes and a jacket and headed to the yoga studio yesterday. In the locker room, I found a locker and put my wallet, phone, and shoes in. I took off my jacket to realize – in horror – that I only had my sports bra on. What!?!? I whispered to myself, I don’t have another shirt to cover my upper body. EEEEK! I recently gained a few pounds and was completely self-conscious of my appearance and slight belly. Yikes! What do I do? I drew out two solutions. I can go home and skip the class. Or, I could completely careless and focus on my own objectives – take the yoga class. I took a deep breath and chose to walk into the yoga studio.

How much time do you waste wondering what other people think about you? If you should do this or do that instead? Do you waste time by sitting on a decision for days, months, years until you get a sign from someone else on what to do? Why do we ask other people’s opinions versus just going with our instinct? Think about where in your life you give power to others.

If you want to take some time back in your life and free up your mind, stop giving people choice over your direction.

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Wishing you an abundant, prosperous, and joyful day!


Chief Energy Officer
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