The darker days expose our deepest, most hollow shadows. Perhaps that’s where Sleepy Hollow gets their name? Our shadows, the gruesome stories we tell about ourselves that are simply untrue. These shadows quickly turn our clear vision into dense fog dripping off our lens. Your vision becomes so distorted that you don’t know up from down and east from west. Ever feel you’re running around in a circle?   

Overtime these shadows become deep holes along your path. Every time you tell yourself that false story – you know the one – you’re not good enough, you didn’t do enough, I don’t deserve this, why does this keep happening to me? —that’s when you fall into the deep sludge mud pile. The gewy mess makes your shoe turn into the huge sucking sounds as you do your best to pull yourself out of the mud that engrossed your entire leg up to your knee.  

That shadow is really a simple character trait that you are afraid of. Somewhere you developed this shadow to protect you from a fear that really was never there.  

What’s the deepest darkest secret that you don’t want anyone to ever reveal about you? What if that secret lies your deepest superpower?  

Imagine how sunrays quickly dry up and make firm huge mud puddles. What would happen if you shined a bright spotlight on the shadow to realize that it can disappear easily, too?  

As the spotlight shines, you transform your own darkness into a beam of radiant light. When you reveal what’s hidden you expose your true powers. And, who doesn’t want to be more powerful in their life, right?   

It’s time to castaway those deep, dark habits that no long serve you or those around you.  

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day! 

Lora Polowczuk 

Chief Energy Officer  

© 2021. Lora Polowczuk. All Rights Reserved.