Do you ever feel that you’re attempting to escape one fury to then be caught in another?  

As cotton ball clouds expand and thicken, a dark shadow casts on the horizon. Suddenly the beautiful sun shiny day turns into a gray abyss. What looms ahead? Heavy rain? Thunder? Lightening? Or maybe even a tornado?   

Most of you approach your day like this. What problem will stop me fast in my tracks? What will keep me from moving ahead? You want to control every little aspect.   

Yet there is a striking difference between a mild storm and a tornado in the distance.  

How can you be prepared for either? Or, rather how are you represented by either? Intriguing, right?  

A tornadoes’ energy can be so violent, powerful, and fierce that it destroys all in its path. This may a supervisors quick tongue whose words pierce the heart of anyone who strays their path or doesn’t stay within their control. Those words, even when apologized, still leave a scar.   

A mild storm brings the exact amount of rain to be easily absorbed into the ground for a plant’s nourishment. Imagine a team that receives the exact amount of guidance yet is not micromanaged.  

Yet a sun may be so bright that it seers the natural chlorophyll and dries up a plant, thereby destroying it, too.  

Whether you are mother nature’s fury or a plant you’re looking for harmony in all angles, some sun, gentle rain, and rich soil to grow. It’s all a game of power dynamics.  

Where are you overutilizing your power? Where are you underutilizing your power?  

The same holds true for our least desirable characteristics. The tornado supervisor may find herself/himself on the flip side getting upset that he/she couldn’t find a word in edge wise at a company luncheon with leaders. Both are the same side of the same coin – control.    

Going back to nature, if you see a storm fast approaching, how can you be prepared, and more importantly stay centered? If the wind is blowing hard, maybe open the windows and let it pass through the house instead of topple the house over.   

If you get easily agitated and frustrated by others, how can you be weeping willow tree that easily sways back in forth yet has deep roots that forge strength into the ground? This takes a strong look into what you tolerate.   

In these power dynamics, what you are tolerating by others is how you really treat yourself daily. Read that again. What daily shift and practice can you begin today?   

What journey have you been traveling when it comes to power dynamics and your relationships?   

Perhaps, you see others as unreliable yet you are unreliable to your family. 

Identify the power dynamics in relationships. Then, shift something within yourself to harmonize. Watch your relationship’s dynamics flourish for the better.  

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!  

Lora Polowczuk 

Chief Energy Officer 


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