When was the last time you day dreamed about the life you truly want? Seriously. How long ago was it?

Connie realized that her constant anxiety and state of edge was caused by her emotionally abusive husband. Connie longed for the acknowledgement of the hours she put in as a project manager and taking care of her 3 kids. While receiving positive accolades at work, Connie’s freshly made meals were never right, the house was never clean enough, and her kids picked up on the constant state of anxiety anticipating of the next swirling judgement their father would throw at their mother. This wasn’t how she wanted to live.

Late one night, Connie pulled out some paper, and scribbled about her dreams of opening up an art school for children. Connie wanted kids to explore their own creativity and ways to express themselves through paint. Connie wrote at the top of the paper, “Dream Big, Go Bigger.” She folded up the paper and read it every night secretly in the bathroom.

The next day, Connie picked up her kids from school and said you are staying at your Aunt’s house for the night. The kids got all excited about a slumber party with their cousins not realizing this would be their new home. Connie saved 20% of each paycheck to open the school. One and half years later she opened the school, divorced her husband including a restraining order, and built stronger relationships with her kids.

Do you give yourself permission to dream big? Will you take small steps each day to turn that dream into reality?

Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day!


Lora Polowczuk

Chief Energy Officer

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