Ever almost step in dog poop that wasn’t picked up? I had this exact moment last week while on a run along the river in Austin. I came within inches of stepping in dog poop. So, how does this relate to you? How often do we leave our s**t for others to handle and deal with?

Think about it. Do you bring home a bad day of work and then your spouse and kids have to handle your bad day? You bring home a bad attitude and then let it affect every interaction for the rest of your evening. Or vice versa, you had an argument with a family member and then this permeates your attitude when you go to work. You’re short with a colleague for no reason at all. Perhaps you raise your voice when someone disagrees with your idea at a meeting. Does this ring a bell? We’ve all been there at some time or another.

What’s the missing piece? Intention. We run with the motions so much that we don’t change our intention from situation to another or when we change the people we are with.

Try this instead. Before walking into your next meeting or engagement with others –

Take a breath –

Ask yourself, what is your intention going into this meeting?

How can you serve them?

What outcome do you want to have?

How can I raise the energy level of the people I’m with?

Here’s how this works: When you transition from work to home. Before you get out of your car or enter the door to your home. Take a deep breathe. Say to yourself, once I walk through this door, I leave behind my work day, and will greet my loved ones with warmth and acknowledge their presence and honor them.

Does that sound different than how you work now? Let me know how this works for you.

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer
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