What does personal freedom mean to you?

This Memorial Day served as a stark reminder of how servicemen and women sacrificed their lives for U.S citizens to gain and maintain our current freedom. I can walk or travel anywhere I want. I can speak whatever I want to. The press can report on daily news without getting sent to prison. This reminds me of the contrast in traveling to countries that don’t have our luxury and freedoms.

I often here from clients that they want the freedom to do anything they want at any time. Yet, it takes work to get that freedom. They often forget that. Like our soldiers, it takes discipline, determination, and focus to get that freedom. It’s not just dropped in our laps.

Surprisingly, I see how many of us squash our freedom and then complain about it. We are ungrateful for the precious time and resources we have.

I hear – Why don’t I have enough time? I then ask, are you spending your time on activities of importance or are you just doing busywork? Do you have the discipline to get the job done swiftly without needless distractions?

I also hear, I don’t have enough money. I then ask about their discipline towards their finances. Or, do they spend $5 a day on a caramel macchiato from Starbucks. I used to always get asked, how can you afford to travel internationally so much? I said it’s easy, I take my Starbucks money and use it for an international airline ticket and accommodations instead. Here’s how it adds up: $5 a day x 7 days a week x 52 weeks a year = $1800+

When you think about what freedom means to you? How determined are you to get there? Is wasting valuable time on watching TV going to get you there? Maybe you do need a relaxing moment. The question, is that a distraction or something that will get you closer to your personal freedom.

Take a minute or more to honor those that have given you the freedom that you now experience.

Let this be a moment to recognize how you exhibit and honor your own personal freedom.

Identify where you may need more discipline, focus, and determination in your life to get to your personal freedom.

As a soldier courageously fights for our country and freedoms, what courageous steps do you need to take to win your personal freedom?

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Wishing you an abundant, prosperous, and joyful day!

Best regards,

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer
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