Hi, folks. This is Lora at Adventures with Lora, and you know what? I’m about to jump in this water right here that is snowmelt from the creek.

You know why?

It’s great for your lymphatic system. It helps get the blood going as the blood comes back to you as you get out. So, by the way, it is a bit of an initial shock. Don’t recommend you do this at home or by yourself. I have had professional training with some great, amazing instructors. But I would just want to show you that you can do something new and different that not everybody normally does.

So, join me.

Because the first thing you got to do is something called breathe. You still with me? I’m still here, still breathing. You can do this with me at home. Just even breathe. Take deep breaths in deep breaths out. And remember kids, don’t do this on your own because I am in moving water, and it’s not probably the safest thing in the world right now. But the cool part is I am in an area that does have people around. And again, I’ve done this before, so don’t recommend doing it at home. But again, just take some deep breaths in and out with me. Still with me? Breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in and breathe out.

And this is this segment of Adventures With Lora. Don’t forget, deep breathing is amazing and wonderful for you. Join me on an adventure sometime soon.

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