Fierce 70 mph winds ripped through the dark night shaking homes, pummeling down fences, knocking over trees, and strewing debris everywhere. Ripples of destruction or spring cleaning?  

What perspective resonates?  

The old came crashing down, swiftly moved out of the way. This free space gives rise and allows for better faster growth. Truly, Mother Nature’s way of spring cleaning. Simple and effective.  

In your own life, what requires decluttering and organizing? Whether its clothes falling off shelves in closets, dusty corners, an ever-growing email inbox, overwhelming to do list, or undiscussed relationship conflicts, these simple areas distract your vital energy and attention for what’s truly important.  

As the darkness of winter becomes a glimmer in your eye, the light scours the land growing whatever is in its path. Our excitement grows with more and more possibilities. Yet, what do we really want to bring to fruition? What ideas and seeds are ready to bring to realization?  

At times, the possibilities can almost be overwhelming and disorienting. Its only what we focus on that grows. We are all given the same 24 hours/ 7 days a week. 

As you begin to declutter all the dead branches and dust bunnies away, Mother Nature reminds us we cannot control the world. Yet, nature can be our guide.  

As you clear the clutter, an overwhelming sense of peace and comfort sets in. You naturally connect with your flow again. An open and renewed sense of faith washes over us, releasing all that no longer serves us. From discarding an old ratty t-shirt or a never read book, the openness offers a clear path drawing upon your natural instincts.  

With fresh eyes, a determined faith rises from within. Your natural vitality peaks with excitement and joy. Suddenly, the clear path naturally sets in on what deserves your diamond precious attention and intention. The focus plus faith brings forth a calm certainty rising to bold momentum.  

Your actions become clear. The moves laid out as bricks along your path. Remember to enjoy the journey. Co creation with divine guides everything moving forward. Tap in and enjoy!  

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day! 

Lora Polowczuk 

Chief Energy Officer 


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