Unless you are a monk living a solidary life in a cave, every day you interact with people in one way or another. This may occur in a variety of ways, passing by neighbors while walking on a sidewalk, merging with other drivers on a road, chatting with friends, text messaging with family or even taking your turn at the grocery store checkout.  

As the statistics say, non-verbal communication accounts for 65-93% communication. Communication with others happens more in an energetic form than any other way. 

Think about, when you merge on to a freeway, you are not communicating in words with the other drivers traveling 60-90mph. While traveling in a congested area of India, it was beautiful to watch the ease of which drivers allowed others drivers to merge and change lanes. As an outsider, it may have appeared as chaos with so many vehicles. Yet in watching from above, there was a graceful flow to each car’s movement.  

Even when walking through nature, you harmonically exchange air with the trees and plants. It’s a constant exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The plants neutralize any negativity that you’re putting off.  

So how can you create a mutual energy exchange this upcoming holiday season whether it be at work, at home, or within your community? 

First, make a point to reset your energy. A good way to do this is to use any doorway. Leave behind any lingering energy from a previous exchange. As you walk through a doorway, allow the door frame to act as a filter to make your energy neutral. Is it fair that you bring an argument with a friend into a board meeting? No, its inappropriate.  

Second, show up as your best self. Communicate with others the way you wish to be communicated with. What’s the hallmark of good communication for you?  

Third, be intentional. Are you in a conversation only to prove your point or reach a certain outcome? How can you actively listen for what’s really being expressed?  

Have you ever been in a group conversation with someone who said nothing yet you feel their energy as molasses dripping all over you? Not fun! Yet, at some point, you’ve likely also been that person, too. Lastly, Be aware of your own energy in the exchange.  

When it comes to relationships and any energy exchange, its time to look at yourself first. Consider the following questions and what you can do differently next time.   

  • What’s one behavior of yours that gets in the way during a conversation?  
  • What’s one habit of yours that blocks the energy exchange?  
  • What’s one belief that stops people from sharing further with you?  

When you take the time to work on your own energy and show up as your best self, conversations will flow with more ease and grace. This will lead to outcomes greater than you can even imagine. Who doesn’t want to have better conversations?  

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day! 

Lora Polowczuk 

Chief Energy Officer 


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