Right now, many of you are a cactus in the dessert. You’ve learned to go without something for a very long time. It’s been a long, hot summer and you’re ready for a little relief with cloud cover and some rain to rejuvenate the cells and grow.  

You’ve been super protective of this little bit of water inside that you’ve failed to notice that your roots can easily gain nourishment from underground aquifers. Even the smallest cactus has a giant root system.  

Your cactus thorns have you so protective of your core that you forgot how to seek the beauty and nourishment of what’s already around you and inside of you. This lack of discernment has cost vital time and energy reserves. And, let’s face it. You’re scorching in the hot desert sun.  

You are torn in that your strong skin protects your peace of mind yet you’re craving more nurturing and creative time. You want to nourish this light and loving energy anyway you can. When was the last time you played? Giggled? Laughed so hard you peed your pants?  

You’re about ready to break down. You’ve had enough. Yet, it’s time to break down and receive your breakthrough.  

Recognizing all of this is about taking a hard and difficult assessment. There’s a tough-love discussion that you need to have with yourself.  

Will you take 100% responsibility for every facet of your life? Your thoughts? Your actions? Your health? Your emotions? Your environment? Your relationships? Your financial well-being? Your growth?  

It’s time to step to the plate and take ownership of everything you want and need. When your roots are deep and stable in the ground, you can be both: 

Intelligent and intuitive. 

Connected and curious.  

Creative and sensible.  

Sass and smiles.  

Sexy and self-confident.   

As the cactus discerns how to use its precious water. You discern what is truly worth your time and energy. It’s time to release what’s draining you and embrace a more joyful and loving energy that makes you thrive on all levels.  

Navigate through the dense vibrations. Shake out the stagnation and shift to a lighter more flowing you. The water naturally comes and goes with ease and grace. Then, watch the momentum gather as your dreams become reality.  

Conquer your limitations by facing the harsh truths in your reality and choose a different path.  

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!  

Lora Polowczuk  

Chief Energy Officer  


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