As the sun slowly warms the raw, bare dirt, its fertility allows for the next harvest. The next cycle is upon us. With each and every moment, let the current cycle of doubt, despair, and despondency come to a close. It’s easy to keep telling the stories of struggles and hardships which keeps the cycle open. Instead of perpetuating the cycle of frustrations, allow this cycle to close. It’s time to bring in desired dreams and states of well-being.

This garden of life awaits you.

Each seed garnishes its attributes as do your dreams and deepest desires. The delightful, giddiness when a stranger flashes a smile noting your radiant presence. The lightness of your shoulders when a heavy burden is lifted. The softness in your heart when appreciation and understanding are showered upon you. Smile from ear to ear when gratitude is expressed. Relaxation is when muscles release their constrictions.

These attributes bring the core of the seed alive. It’s what makes the seed of intentions grow. The funny thing yet the most important aspect is these attributes can’t be seen. The same seed is unseen deep in the dirt below the surface. So are your dreams. You can only imagine what the seed will grow into. You can only deeply feel what it will be like when the seed grows and flourishes and breaks through the surface. Yet, if we don’t bring closure to cycles, the seeds see less sunshine to grow and flourish.

What cycles are ready to close in your life, career, or relationships?

This space seeks more significance than you realize. This extra space from closing opens that area for the seeds to flourish. This subsequently allows each radiating sun ray to penetrate deep into the earth nourishing the desire within.

Start planting the intention seeds in your garden of life today.

What seeds will you plant in the garden of life in this upcoming cycle?

What attributes are you ready to renew your sense of life again?

What’s ready to come forth from the closure of the old?

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

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