Have you ever wished you could have prevented a major catastrophe in your life, career, or relationships? What if you can precisely know and receive what is most beneficial for you right now? Amazing, right? Understanding this allows you to escape the wreckage and fallout from devasting preventable events.

Whether it’s in Colorado, Oregon, or Florida, controlled fires serve a greater purpose in preserving and protecting our national forests than we realize. Even as humans, we guard our emotions as a way to protect our hearts. Yet, does this serve us? No. The overprotection becomes fuel for fires.

Let’s get real here. Who wants a raging wildfire in their backyard? Absolutely no one! The controlled burn process offers us an opportunity to easily and effectively rid an area of excessive debris that contributes to destructive wildfires. Sounds great, right? We all want fewer fights – emotional eruptions — with loved ones, bosses, or even friends.

So, what contributes to these larger wildfires? Excess debris, smaller branches, fallen leaves, dead trees, and non-native plants spread rapidly since there is nothing to tame its growth. Essentially, all this little stuff adds up over time. This becomes the kindling and fuel that turns a smaller fire into a ranging uncontrollable wildfire destroying everything in sight.

The same holds true for your life. The little things add up. Wildfires sear the soil due to the heat intensity. An unaddressed issue over time can become a full fledge fight with a loved one tearing apart a relationship. That serves no one. How much energy do you use holding on to the issue without dealing with it? A lot. That energy builds and builds turning into fuel.

A controlled burn benefits us, by handling those little things before they become raging fires. This simple technique restores the depth of the forest. Nutrients recycle and reveal valuable minerals for seeds to grow. For example, a controlled burn allows carbon to reach back into the soil for pitcher plants to grow for the next season, delighting our eyes with beauty and joy. Think about contributing all that energy to joy and happiness instead of sorrow and pain.

It’s easy to escape and not deal with it. That in itself is a decision. Running away for something more pleasurable may make you feel good for the moment yet does not address the longer and bigger issue at hand. Eventually, this avoidance technique catches up with us. Avoiding the pain only allows the wound to fester not heal. When we consciously or subconsciously avoid the basics, this gives more fuel for fires to rage.

When we do not take the time to honor ourselves and what’s calling us, this fuel builds intensity for wildfires to burn and grow. Clear the fuel that causes wildfires. Clear the chaos.

Whether organizing, cleaning, doing financial prep, hanging out with friends, taking a day off, facing a fear, or getting out of your comfort zone, what is something that requires your vital attention right now?

This week. Trust the guidance received to honor what’s stirring within you. This focused attention becomes a controlled burn to gently handle what’s going on in your environment, both inside and out.

Don’t wait for a wildfire to rage. Clear the chaos now. Create the open space and the seeds will naturally come forth and sprout your desired harvest.

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

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