In our playground of life, you often rush from one thing to the next yet fail to acknowledge all the beauty and wisdom in the spacious moments that allow you to keep going. This constant running around leads to burnout and exhaustion.  

After what’s been a monumental couple of years, have you taken the time to appreciate everything you, your colleagues, friends and family have triumphed through?  

As your life garden was planted this spring, what’s growing super well and what did not receive the proper nutrients?  

Take stock of what gave you strength through the chaos and what became the elixir for stressful thinking and behaviors.   

As the beautiful garden continues to bloom, what unexpectedly occurred that blew your mind away in a positive way? Perhaps it was a mixture of new experiences or people or even practices?   

Surprises bring the fun and a new way of thinking into your life. Whether it’s a adding a new spice to a a combination of sautéed vegetables or a fresh approach to working with people. These unexpected bountiful delights brighten our day.  

From chaos to comfort, you developed and solidified a foundation that gave you security and power.  

It’s time to appreciate and acknowledge your accomplishments. This keeps your vision clear, your ears open to words of wisdom, your heart accepting love in unique ways, and your soul allowing vast new experiences to awaken your rich hues in previously untouched areas. This is how joy will weave into every aspect of your life.  

Celebrate yourself! From this deep, rich, solid foundation, your next set of choices will be stronger and more fortified than ever. Only from a place of appreciation, can you then move to the next aspect and ask, what’s the next aspect that will bring fulfillment and satisfaction?  

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!  

Lora Polowczuk  

Chief Energy Officer  


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