The excitement of anticipation arises from your feet and vibrates out your nostrils. Your scalp tickles as the exhilaration of fun is about to begin. Inside you become a giddy 6 year old laughing with joy.  

You can’t wait to do something new yet at the same time you’re utterly terrified by what others may think of you. 

Today, Lillian signed up for her first surfing class. She’s never step foot on a surfboard.  

Lillian arrives for the group class at a beach house. The group, 12 in total with two surfing guides, begin signing the waivers. Lillian looks around. Everyone seems to know each other except for her. Two friends there, three other friends over there, the family of sisters over there. She felt all alone. She thought maybe she could leave and no one would ever notice. Except her spirit would.  

With an illusive smile, the guides said now is the time. Lillian stuck in her own thoughts only heard “now is time.” Wait what? Have you ever been so lost in your own head, you completely miss something important?  

Lillian quickly woke out of her dream state and asked, time for what? Another participant stated it’s time to go downstairs and grab a surf board.  

They lined up with surfboards on the concrete pavement. Well, that’s not the beautiful ocean. They practiced “fake paddling” and jumping to a stand up on the board. Lillian got corrected many times. All she could think about is this will be a long morning. Her excitement wavered.  

The group each hopped into their vehicles and headed 30 minutes down the road to a secluded beach. Lillian let out a joyful sigh. This is what she wanted. Deep blue salty water washing over the sandy shore, salty water on the skin.  

The group paddled out and split up lining up to each take their turn.  

Lillian watched the first two people go. Then she volunteered to go next. The guide yelled.  

Paddle, paddle, paddle! Stand up! 


Lillian surfed her first wave all the way back to shore. With a smile from ear to ear, she couldn’t wait to go again.  

Lilian jumped back on again. And, Whack! Face plant into the water, smacked her shoulder on the board as she fell, water up her nose. Lillian, thought, well that sucked!  

Okay let’s go again. Lillian proceeded to fall the next 15 times.  

The guides admired her determination and perseverance giving gentle corrections to each attempt. The rest of the group was taking a break so she kept jumping in line again and again.   

Whack into the water! Whack onto the board!  

Lillian took a short break to catch her breath. Then she was ready to go again.   

Then out of nowhere, all the little pieces came together. Lillian started catching one out of every three waves.   

Lillian recognized that as she wobbled a little when she jumped to stand on the surf board that she slowly allowed her body to correct itself naturally instead of forcing it into one position.  

How often do we try to force events to happen versus allowing the motion to flow with you?  

Lillian found grace as she moved with the wave instead of resisting it.  

Imagine telling mother nature to stop a wave until you’re perfectly in place. Haha, right? Yet, this is how we expect life to be. Wait until we are in the right place and then give us what we want.   

Where can we allow grace to lead us in life, career and relationships?  

Once we are standing on the surf board, we can point the direction of the board to wherever we want to go.  

It’s time to bring back your giddy 6 year old self. The one that gets scrapped up and banged up and keeps going for more. Let the exhilaration of fun and joy be your guide.  

Allow adventure to amaze you.  

Keep an open mind.  

Stay curious. 

Then allow the possibilities to amaze you.   

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day! 

Lora Polowczuk 

Chief Energy Officer 

© 2021. Lora Polowczuk. All Rights Reserved.