How did you calm down your chatter brain?

What was the moment when you finally felt it calm and your mind stopped chattering?

I do start with wow, all the time. It’s amazing what happens when we start calming down the chattering mind that we have. We’re in this beautiful scenery right here, right now and when we start taking in these elements of nature, the wind that’s whipping across my face right now, we can recognize that the wind is whispering to me. The sound of this moving creek right now is relaxing and it’s releasing all that tension out of my body. And even just putting my hands back here and just putting my hands on rock and on earth and if I were to put my feet in some water or touch the ground right now, you’re going to recognize that you’re going to immediately start calming down.

When we’re out in nature, we get all the frequencies that the world has for us. And when we have all the frequencies we need in our body, it allows us to relax, to calm down, not be in this hyper state of what’s going on, but we’re able to just breathe into the moment, just feel what’s going on and it’s such a natural way to relax us. Science is even beginning to tell us right now that spending time outdoors allows us to lower our blood pressure.

It allows us to calm our pulse down. It has health effects far beyond just removing the chatter out of our minds.

So what I’m going to encourage you today is find your own piece of tranquility in nature and outside to find this. Not everyone has access to a creek that we’re at right now, but find a park, open a window and just breathe in some fresh air. And even just notice the beauty that surrounds you right now, because we’re moving from spring into summer right now, and can start to see the bushes and the trees bumping out. And we start to notice that beauty, our mind starts to calm down and we start to see that positivity and that light that is so important to bring back into our lives because the chatter in our mind is all about the fear. It’s all about what’s going to go wrong. And when we start realizing that we’re in this amazing world with all this beauty that surrounds us, it’s all that we need to calm the chatter in our mind.

I’m Lora and I can’t wait for you to join me on an adventure.


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Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer
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