Character, like a photograph develops in darkness. – Yousuf Karash. What’s your darkness? Change? Chaos? Sudden new rules? Relationships? Work environment? Traumatic events in your past?  

No matter your darkness, a certain set of character traits emerge in what circumstances or people cross your path.  

Even nature has its own set of character traits. The eagle is an extraordinary visionary flying high with freedom. As the eagle soars above, it teaches us when to float with the wind or accelerate in a bold new direction. The eagles’ talons are extremely strong indicating to seize the opportunity while its within your grasp.  

Imagine a turtle that can barely see past the deep grades of grass has a vastly different view point than an eagle. The eagle reminds us to seek a higher perspective and hold our head higher. This is where our true freedom emerges. 

If animals can have such character traits, what do you want to convey to others?  

True legacy is the character traits that you impress upon others.  

Be an ant that builds its foundation on sand and can easily be washed away. Or build a nest high among the tree away from prey soaring high into the clouds. There’s an entire zone waiting for you to explore these character traits most important to you.  

As you consider these character traits, pick the top three that you want to focus on this quarter. How can this help you reach any goal you have?  

Imagine the story you want told about your life in the generations to come. This is your legacy!  

If someone else described your character traits, what would you want those to be?  

After all, no one wants to work with the grumpy, mean, condescending boss. Or be in an abusive, demeaning, isolated relationship.  

Now, are there any animals you seek a character trait from? Find a sticker, a picture or even a stuffed animal of that animal as a reminder to be that every day!  

Legacy is built on character. These traits help you overcome any darkness or obstacle in your path. Character is what adaptability thrives on.  

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!  

Lora Polowczuk 

Chief Energy Officer 


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