It’s easy to look upon a forest that was marred by an uncontrolled raging, high-flame fire. The trees burnt and fallen, stacked on each other as if someone played a game of nature’s dominoes. The ground looks flat and decimated. The lack of greenery or life leaves a bleak outlook that wipes off a smile and brings a sullen sign of despair. Yet, the beauty is in the unseen.

As another year comes to rest, it’s sometimes difficult to see the amazingness and abundance that’s right before your eyes. We sink into analysis mode of why the goal was unreached, the strained relationship, or a huge transition underway with no certainty for the future.

Yet, beneath the fire-torn forest is a gigantic pot of gold. This fresh carbon from the burnt woods serves as nutrients for the soil. Pine cones release their seeds and are already growing beneath the surface. With fewer trees, the sunlight can penetrate the ground more easily. What is visible to the eye does not translate into what’s going on.

The ground is fully nourished. The seeds are growing. Nature has its way of replenishing itself and so do you. Our biggest assets are right before our eyes even though we may not realize it.

Take this time and express gratitude for all the resources garnered for you. The sun for warmth. A vehicle for transportation. A friend’s invite to dinner. Guidance from a higher power. Shelter for your home. It’s easy to forget the real assets that make our life complete and whole. A friend’s loving support.

Our gratitude magnifies what is working well and allows for more of this to come in surprising ways. It’s as simple as an unexpected boost of laughter on a difficult day. Or, that the worms create holes for the nutrients to flow to the vegetable plants that end up on your dinner plate. It’s right before us even though we may not readily acknowledge it.

As our gratitude increases, tapping into the deep rich nutrients in our ground allow our souls to expand into new territory. This liveliness helps us grow and remember what pleases us.

Perhaps, this past year was about the simplicity that the smallest acts can bring a smile of joy to our hearts. Simply watching dragonflies guides us to go in any 360-degree direction of our choosing. Our highest expression reveals our deepest truths ready to come out from underground and be born above ground for all to see.

This week, what do you choose to nourish? What’s below the surface ready to emerge? How can you enjoy what’s ready to come forth?

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer

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