Your most valuable and precious commodity in your life has the least amount of protection.  

Imagine a vegetable garden. When you first go and put the plants in the ground,  you wonder why each plant requires two feet of space. Thinking you know better and see amble space available you decide to go ahead and plant more vegetables.  

As the summer goes forward and the plants begin to grow, suddenly the plants requiring more space start over taking the garden. The giant leaves of the squash plant cover the short and smaller basil herbs. Yet, who is to say that the squash is more important than the basil which adds flavor to your meals?  

One day you walk outside to check on the garden with vegetables about to ripen. You noticed that deer and rabbits ate your harvest. Upset and ticked off, you scramble to put fencing around the garden to preserve the buds still coming forth.  

Where in your life are you jammed packed every minute of your day without space to breathe and allow insight to come forth?  

Where in your life do you lack boundaries and permit others to snatch up your precious moments?  

Time is your most precious commodity. Time is so valuable that it is truly priceless. Yet, most of you are more likely to recharge your cell phone before you recharge your mind and body.   

If your life feels out of whack and discordant, boundaries are an issue to address.   

Boundaries keep the harmony and bring emotional serenity into your life.  

 It’s important to identify what brings emotional security and wellbeing into your life. Create boundaries to protect this time with your most important endeavors. Then, watch your functionality sky rocket and your harvest soar.  

 Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day! 

 Lora Polowczuk 

Chief Energy Officer 


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