Have you ever worked on a team that didn’t really work together or been in a relationship that you felt was just one-sided?

I’m here at the Double O Arch. What is really amazing about this arch, as you can see behind me, is there are two connecting pieces that bridge the stone together. When things aren’t going well and when you’re working on teams or with lots of people, or even in a relationship, even with a family, the idea is it’s all about bringing people together, not always having to be right. Who here in their life loves to be, right? We’ve all been there at some point. The idea is we need to learn how to be that bridge of collaboration, be that bridge of communication.

About 10 years ago, I worked on several projects in Africa. Guess what? I was based in the US. There were two teams in Africa. We had a team in Europe. We even worked with people in Australia. Guess what? We’re not in the same time zones. We all communicated a little bit differently. The question is, is can you be that bridge? Can you be that facilitator to understand what’s really going on? In order to do that, you need to take your personal perspective, put it on the backside, figure out what’s important to the other people that you’re working with, you’re surrounded with, that you’re in a relationship with.

When you start understanding what motivates them, what their intrinsic factors are, you can start to be that bridge of collaboration that’s right behind me. What would it mean to you right now if you had more bridges to amazing people in your life? What type of network could you develop, both from a personal stance and a professional stance? When you can start to be that bridge of collaboration, your life will change and take off.

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