Are you still hungover from last year? It’s time to pick yourself up and be in awe of what’s ready to come your way.   

What if you lived everyday as the best day ever – in a state of awe?  

A couple years ago, after battling some rather intense physical ailments, I was looking for a day to enjoy sunshine with friends outside. I reached out to a of couple girlfriends and inquired if they were interested in going hiking next Saturday, indicating it would be a six to eight mile hike with around a 3500ft elevation gain.  

When we all met that beautiful Saturday morning, we were all giddy with joy in that the conditions were nearly perfect. Blue skies, slightly cool weather, and an abundance of sunshine greeted us at the trailhead, despite storm clouds predicated in the city.  

Before starting the hike, I asked each lady what their intention was for the day – moving outside, a gentle pace, fun conversations, creating special moments with each other, being immersed in nature without cell phone connections. Much to my surprise, no one mentioned making it all the way to the mountain summit. We agreed on a turn-around time and that if anyone of us didn’t feel like going further, the rest of us would turn around.   

Now, if you are achievement or goal oriented, making it to the summit is your only perspective.  

Throughout the hike, we admired the wild flowers, the flowing creek, and even using our senses once the path disappeared above tree line. We frequently checked on each other reminding the other to drink water and eat. We took breaks when need and made sure that we always could see each other even if not walking side by side.  

The path suddenly splits, one to head to a shorter mountain top and the other to a much higher peak. Upon inquiry with my friends, we took a short break and decided to give the higher peak a shot. The weather was still good and energy levels sustained.   

For the next hour, we slowly took one step at a time. Having gone through a year of physical ailments, I didn’t expect to make it. Neither did my other friend who recently had a child. With slow consistent steps and a good attitude, we all made it to the summit.  

Our intention for the day was to enjoy the day. What would happen if you made an intention to enjoy your daily journey?  

Too many of us, believe we have to sacrifice all the important things, loved ones, hobbies, our own health to reach the summit. If we choose to “enjoy” instead of “sacrifice,” we will be much better suited for the next adventure, whether it’s a new opportunity, a new relationship, or even a twist in your life.  

As Maya Angelou stated, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the number of moments that take your breath away.”  

This year become very intentional with every day, every moment, every thought, every act. Watch your perspective on life change dramatically. Make an intention to create a state of awe within you daily. Start enjoying the journey. Life will become easier and effortless.  

Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day! 

Lora Polowczuk 

Chief Energy Officer 


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