You may wonder why the journey seems so long and arduous as if you’ll ever arrive at your destination.

Your experience over the past year may make you weary from the long journey yet your strength crystalizes uniquely the same way a snowflake develops. The moisture gets pulled and stretched into a masterpiece only seen underneath a microscope. The structure radiates beauty that sparkles in the eyes that watch the snowfall from the sky. Each and every experience gives you clarity that makes you stronger. Your life becomes a beautiful ornate masterpiece.

In the outdoor world, how much your pack weighs determines how fast you move through the meadows, forests, or mountains. Every pain, every tear, every emotion held in and not expressed is a piece that weighs you down and makes you confused, exhausted, and anxious about perfecting what’s next. This makes it difficult to move one foot in front of the next sometimes even leading to analysis paralysis.

It’s time to release the heavy weight of what’s inside of you. The unforeseen obstacles. A bad argument. A failed relationship. An unmet goal. A health crisis. Losing a loved one. The list goes on.

How would it feel if your load weighed less?

Would you move faster, swiftly, and more methodical?

As you consider what the next year may bring, how can you speak from your heart without the pain?

How can you step into bold, courageous action and honor your truth at the same time? Stop sacrificing who you are.

The hardest part is releasing the pain from everything that didn’t go the way you expected it or wanted it to go. Don’t carry the same hurt and pain from this past year and into the next.  Integrate the lessons from this year and let all the pain go away. If you don’t integrate, you’ll continue to carry this weight which only grows heavier with each day.

Release and integrate. Become lighter and move swiftly with each courageous step.

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Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk

Chief Energy Officer


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