With Spring equinox upon us, the flowers and trees are budding and ready to burst into bloom. Yet, we forget the process of blooming doesn’t happen in a vacuum. First, the seeds are planted or spread amongst the wind. Second, the plants are nourished in the soil. And, third, the seeds soak up rain fall and moisture in the soil. Our dreams come to fruition in a similar manner.

When we think of our dreams and aspirations, they are merely seeds. It’s an idea of what we want life to look like or experience. Our dreams do not grow into reality unless they receive nourishment through attention and action. And, it’s the right type of nourishment that’s key. It’s about attention and action that’s fully aligned to the dream. Distractions are saying to your dream, it’s okay, you’re not important to me right now. (Wow, that’s a reality check!). Would you go put acid on a growing plant? Probably not. Yet how often, do we let other “things” get in the way? Way too often, right?

Consider water as our support system to nourish our dreams. Dreams don’t become reality in isolation. How many people know the dreams you’re pursuing? If no one knows, you’re likely not getting the support you need to bring your amazing dream to fruition. Too often, we’re afraid to tell people our dreams. What will others think? How will we be perceived? It doesn’t matter what they think. Your dream is all about YOU! By sharing with others what you want to accomplish, you create buy-in for others to support you. And, usually this happens in miraculously ways you never even thought of.

Don’t let your dream be just a dream. Go after it! Turn your dream into reality! Seeds are planted months before you reap the harvest. Now is the time to properly nourish your dream, gain support in pursuing the dream. This, in turns, that allows you to reap your harvest.

What big goal are you going after this year? What are you doing to nourish that dream? Who knows about your dream and supports you?

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Wishing you an abundant, joyful, and prosperous day!

Chief Energy Officer
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