The choice is yours. What mode do you generally sit in, survive or thrive?

Are you scraping bottom, rushing from one thing to the next, aimlessly wandering on to the next task on your ever growing to do list or just making ends meet? Perhaps you feel good because you’re always busy. And, since you’re busy this gives the appearance to others that you’re working on something important. You enjoy the comfort of your surroundings and don’t want to rock the boat. I mean if you rock the boat or steer it in a different direction, you may get hurt, right?!? And, people may not like us anymore. We definitely want to be well liked by everyone. And, the thought of failing at something would just be — horrible.

Or, are you focused, carefully planning each step towards your dreams. You grow with every step, either learning from the mistake and attempting a new approach or figuring out the next step after that one. You adjust the direction of your boat based on what you’ve learned and how they may apply to the next step. This allows you to be open to what’s coming next and allow for new opportunities to arise in the process.

Where do you fall? The first is survival mode. Its where a lot of people sit. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we seek safety and security first. Do we have shelter, food and water? Yet, we also want to be validated and stable, and free of fear. This craving for stability and security keeps us trapped in a box. We love the box. It’s safe and we don’t get hurt. Security is knowing exactly what happen when. It’s if I do this, X will happen. Yet, then, we feel stuck in a box. Sound familiar?

The second mode is thriving, to flourish, prosper, and succeed. In order to flourish, we must triumphant over what holds us stuck. It’s not easy to make ourselves vulnerable. (Did you know that vulnerable is the antonym for security?) It’s not easy to fail and pick ourselves back up, assess what happened, and apply the lessons learned. I mean – that’s down right difficult. It’s not easy to take the courageous leap into the unknown without a clear point of where we may land. Yet we want to feel what it’s like to flourish – to thrive – to succeed. Yet we recognize when we give up our attachment to the outcome, we will likely get something bigger and better than we expected.

The choice is yours. Do you seek a Survival Enforcer? Or, do you seek a Thriving Strategist? If it’s the latter, Courageous Path’s program offers the steps and know how to keep you on the thriving cycle and teaches you how to take the courageous steps to keep you thriving.


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