Are you really innovative?

We are in an age of unprecedented change. The growth exponential curve doubles every year. How much technology has changed from when you were born, to school years to now. Insane, right?

How fast are you innovating and implementing in your career, life, and even relationships?

Here’s two historical stories reflecting on this. 

Decades ago, tobacco farmers got hit hard when cigarette manufacturers were hit with heavy taxes due to health effects. The funny thing is this. Fundamentally, farmers know how to grow crops. They know what makes plants thrive and what kills them. Does it really matter what crop they grow? No.

What do you already know how to do that can be applied in a different manner?

Yet, Kodak buried their technology of digital cameras and media. In the 2000s, other companies brought the technology to market. Subsequently, this billion-dollar company lost its market share watching other innovators speed to market.

How fast are you implementing ideas?

Innovation without implementation keeps you in the same place. 

Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day!

Lora Polowczuk
Chief Energy Officer
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