Have you ever had a bad day at work and took it out on the people you love, the people you come home to?

Maybe your kid or partner or someone else important to you? Your anger and your rage are just like this water that’s coming out of this canyon right now. It’s a really tight canyon. You know what happens is when the canyon, it gets really tight, there’s not much water or room for this water to calm down. What happens and you can hear it behind me right now, the force of this water is really loud. The force of this water caused this huge crack to happen in this rock. I mean, this rock is two billion years old. So imagine how much power this water has to go through this crack.

This is the same thing that happens when your boiled emotions get carried over to people who weren’t the ones that caused this. Imagine what it’s like to be on the receiving end of all of this water. It’s cutting a rock, a crack right through them. I bet your loved ones don’t appreciate being on the other side of this. I’ve seen kids have major issues growing up as children because their fathers took out their rage on them as they grew up.

I want you to take a moment and think about the last time you got angry. Did you take it out on someone else who was not responsible for this anger? What are some other practices you could do when you have something that doesn’t go right? It’s not appropriate to take out that anger and rage on somebody else. That’s called projecting your fear. No one else is responsible for that but you.

Don’t cause a crack in somebody else’s heart when it’s your anger, not theirs. Take a long, hard look when you’re triggered and see how you react. Instead of reacting, take a moment to respond. I want you to identify at least three practices to calm yourself down, to relax, to do some deep breathing perhaps. So you don’t take any anger or rage out on anyone else.

This is so important. This is a huge lesson because, at some point, we’ve all done it to other people. We’ve also been on the receiving end of it. If we want our world to grow, it takes all of us to work on our emotions. Make sure you’re not on the receiving end of that water coming right towards you. Don’t do it to others either.

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